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A Domestic Violence Shelter For Women & Children
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Post Office Box 162            Johnson City, Tennessee 37605
Helping Us, Help Others

A Domestic Violence Shelter is a necessity in most communities -- a necessity that is often thought of as a luxury by most people -- at least until the day when they or someone they love needs such a refuge. We are extremely fortunate here in Washington County. A great many of our fine citizens saw the need for such a shelter and worked hard to transform that unfulfilled need into Safe Passage -- a haven serving not only Washington County, but surrounding areas as well. Safe Passage opened its doors in June of 1996 in a newly remodeled, fully furnished older house -- large enough to hold several families comfortably.

But a Domestic Violence Shelter is much more than just a furnished house, it is also a way-station on the road to a new life. Many of the residents of our local safe house must begin anew, and that means there is a never-ending need for nearly every item household item you can think of...

  • Household Furnishings Including Furniture
  • Food Items, Staples & Toiletries
  • Toys & Books For Kids Of All Ages
  • Linens, Towels, Blankets and Bedspreads
  • Small Appliances, Housewares
  • And Cash Donations
Please understand that we can no longer accept donations of used clothing. We have been blessed with several clothing drives, and our closet space is filled at this time.
Thank you so much for your generosity over the years.

Volunteers are always welcome, as well. There are a thousands of tasks associated with providing a safe haven for these families. Safe Passage, needs people to...

  • Provide Transportation For Errands & School
  • Babysit With Small Children
Domestic Violence Defined
The Cycle Of Violence
Client Services
A Safe Plan For Victims

Your Donation Is Sincerely Appreciated.

Safe Passage is a program provided through
The First Tennessee Human Resource Agency
which is a non-profit, tax exempt organization.
Safe Passage serves Washington County, Tennessee and surrounding counties as a shelter for victims of Domestic Violence. The Shelter began operation in June 1996 and came under the FTHRA umbrella of services in 2006. FTHRA does not discriminate against race, religion, sex, sexual preference, national origin, age or disability. FTHRA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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